What to Expect

What to Expect

The Russellville church of Christ has no creed outside of what is written in the Bible. We base all of our decisions, attitudes, and actions on what God had to say through His chosen Apostles and Prophets. Because of our focus on the word of God there are certain things a visitor will see in one of our assemblies.

  • Bible Study – We place great emphasis on learning what the Bible has to say. We have two Bible class sessions a week. Each class focuses on a particular book of the Bible or a Biblical topic (i.e. the New Testament church). We have classes for all ages. 

  • Singing – The New Testament teaches that Christians should sing together. The purpose of this singing is not only to praise God, but also to edify one another. Because there is no authority for mechanical instruments in the local church, you will see none at our assemblies.

  • Praying – The Bible is packed with stories of God’s people praying. Christians in the New Testament prayed together for various reasons. When we come together, we always take time to talk to our Father.

  • The Lord’s Supper – This is something that we do only on Sunday (Acts 20:7). This is a memorial for Christians (baptized believers). It is a memorial of the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins. Jesus instructed His disciples to do this in His memory. The New Testament teaches that the disciples partook of the Lord’s Supper every Sunday.

  • Giving – This is something that we only do on the first day of the week.  Christians in the New Testament would collect money for needy Saints or to support someone as that individual taught the Gospel. Please understand, while the “collection tray” may pass by a visitor, the collection IS NOT a solicitation of visitors.

We encourage you to attend one of our services. We strive to do everything in a decent and ordered manner. This prevents confusion or distraction as we worship God and edify one another. If you have any questions about our assembly (i.e. why we do something) please do not hesitate to ask.